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We do everything to enable you to become an Enabler for your projects around workshop and garden. Therefore, apart from an excellent price-performance ratio, we pay very close attention to the reliable quality and safety of our products.

That's what our various warranties stand for: take advantage of our warranty extensions to benefit even more from our top warranty service. That's what we call an enabled warranty!

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Einhell UNICORE s.r.o.

Závodní 278
36018 Karlovy Vary
+420 353 440 215 (tel na servis)
+420 359 607 228 (fax na servis)
[email protected]

Závodní 278
360 18 Karlovy Vary
+420 353 440 215 (tel  servis)
+420 359 607 228 (fax  servis)
[email protected]