Hand brushes and chimney brushes are out. If you own a fireplace or pellet stove, an ash vacuum cleaner is highly recommended. They also perform well with pizza ovens and charcoal grills. Both cleaning the oven or grill and the area in front of it can be achieved in no time with an ash vacuum cleaner and is also more comfortable than sweeping by hand. Even hard-to-reach places in the fireplace can be easily cleaned so that the oven can be heated again with full power. Unlike a conventional vacuum cleaner, an ash vacuum cleaner is fire-safe thanks to its metal housing, metal-reinforced suction hose and non-combustible filter material, and it filters the expelled air with a pleated filter to prevent ash from being released.

The different ash vacuum cleaners from Einhell

Cordless ash vacuum cleaners

Desperately need to clean the barbecue in the garden again? With a cordless ash vacuum cleaner, this can be done in no time – and without even having to look for a power socket first. The 18-volt cordless ash vacuum cleaner can be combined with all Power X-Change lithium-ion batteries and chargers and can be used flexibly. From the barbecue in the garden to the wood-burning stove in the house and then quickly to the fireplace? No need to wind up the cable and thanks to the carrying handle, you can transport the cordless ash vacuum cleaner to any place of use without any problems.

Corded ash vacuum cleaners

Want to clean your fireplace or pellet stove or remove ash from your charcoal grill? With an ash vacuum cleaner you have just the right cleaning tool to hand. Thanks to the two-metre power cord and the suction hose of at least one metre, you can move within an action radius of at least three metres, so you can easily reach every part of your oven. For hard to reach corners, you can use the blowing connection to blow the ash out of the corners and suck it up. Who needs a hand sweeper or a chimney brush?

With our ash vacuum cleaners, your oven and grill will look like new again. You can find out which special functions ensure that the ash is sucked up cleanly here. Einhell ash vacuum cleaner guide

What to look out for when buying an ash vacuum cleaner

Suction power, filter system and accessories holder – we explain everything you need to know about our ash vacuum cleaner models to help you make a purchase decision.

Performance and capacity

Similarly to conventional vacuum cleaners, high suction power is also important for the ash vacuum cleaner, so that even the last speck of cold ash is sucked into the container. Depending on the model, our vacuum cleaners work with a very high suction power of up to 175 mbar. The ash then ends up in the collection container, which can hold up to 20 litres, depending on the model. A pleated filter together with a pre-filter ensures that the exhaust air is cleaned without making any mess in the process. The air outlet also acts as a blowing connection, which you can easily use to blow out even hard-to-reach corners after repositioning the hose.

Robust components

With powerful ash vacuum cleaners, in addition to a robust motor, it is also important that the suction pipe and suction hose are not only stable, but also heat-resistant, so that cooled ash (no hotter than 40°C) can be safely sucked up. Our devices are equipped with durable stainless steel containers that are easy to empty thanks to the quick-release lock. A high-quality filter system consisting of a pre-filter and a pleated filter mean even fine and ash dust don't stand a chance and ensures reliable cleaning of the exhaust air.

Transport and storage

All our ash vacuum cleaners are equipped with a practical carrying handle so that you can easily transport the handy vacuum cleaner. Casters on the bottom of the device help manoeuvre the vacuum cleaner into place. The power cable is also neatly stowed away with a hook and loop cable tie. Our cordless ash vacuum cleaner also has an accessories and hose holder so that the device can be stored quickly and in a space-saving manner, and is just as quickly ready to hand again.